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A little something else in the Cotswolds


A good design is one which solves problems. In this case the challenge came from a pair of Branecosse boots which were always in the way, and an incredibly high ceiling.


Nobody likes tripping over their beloved walking boots and they never fit on your average shoe rack. We designed and crafted a custom-sized hideaway drawer located next to the back door, perfect for slipping on boots for a morning dog walk through the woods.

The high ceiling lends itself to a great bit of extra storage and we were inspired to design a clever way to reach it. We designed a library-style, custom-built ladder which is housed on the wall and creates a very unique talking point. Note how neatly the light switch sits directly in the centre of one of the treads.


Poole Keynes,

Key features

High laddered glazed units
Open and lit plate rack
Personal boot draw


Nigel Wilson
Tom Shield


Grade two listed homes generally don't come with large rooms but this one had wonderfully high walls, which leant itself to a clever design that maximised the space we had to work with. This kitchen was a joy to work on, with many features you can't get without attention to the client's thoughts, requirements and ambition to be unique.

Nigel and Tom remained undaunted by the challenge of working with ‘wonky’ walls of a Grade two listed house and his calm, unflappable demeanour ensured that the project was on time and within budget.
— Client