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An English Oak Office


The owner of this English oak office came to Auspicious with no more than a basic plan and a preference for oak. What we created was a serene working space - a place of contemplation and inspiration.


A unique piece of pippy oak was selected for its elaborate pattern of knots and clusters. The client agreed it was perfect for the job and the design process began.

Specific practicalities had to be configured into the design. The room housed a boiler, and each drawer and cupboard would have a specific use - storing lever arch files, for example.



key features

Pippy Oak Cabinets, Desk and Drawers
Vintage Light Fitting
Elaborate Patterning Clusters


Nigel Wilson
Tom Shield


We enclosed the boiler in a unit with a removable panel to grant complete access should maintenance be required, and worked with the client to plan the office layout, making sure each unit was fit for purpose.

Finally, the client added the finishing touch with a vintage-style light switch.

The client was involved at every stage. We showed him the veneers, the timber, the drawings... It was presented it to him every step of the way
— Nigel Wilson