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At home in the Slad Valleys


The client wanted to create a minimal shaker style kitchen without any handles. This was a task that conjured our creative thoughts and allowed us to create some inspiring ideas involving clever ways to solve this brief.


Most of the drawers and doors require only the slightest of pushes to engage a truly satisfying sound followed by an easily accessible open compartment. We added an element of fun with the dishwasher, fridge and freezer - knock twice on the door and they respond by opening gracefully. The corner drawers required some creative thought as they were placed directly beneath the hob. We designed a bespoke system which held all of the utensils needed, all with the ease of a simple push of the knee to keep hands free.


Slad Valley,

Key features

Dura Gold worktop
Push to open draws
Knock to open white goods


Nigel Wilson
Tom Shield


We spend a lot of time with our clients discovering their personality and requirements. This kitchen is a true reflection of its owner's taste; stylish, minimalist, contemporary and chic. The practicality of a kitchen is always the most important element in our design process and we're pleased with how this one turned out.

Stunning and innovative designs. Extremely skilled in understanding needs, proactively involved in finding solutions, whether technical or aesthetic and then executing flawlessly on the final decision.
— Client