Traditional woodcraft with an edgy side

Traditional woodcraft with an edgy side

For Auspicious, a piece of timber presents a world of creative possibilities. Even in its roughest, most crude state it has the potential to be a thing of beauty, and it is our aim is to release the latent splendour contained within that simple piece of timber. 

We take a piece of timber…

We hand-select our timber from FSC and PEFC certified sources, then we set about creating something beautiful. When we choose the timber, not only is the form important but also the grain. So, a piece is selected for its grain pattern.

Once we have chosen the right piece for the job we’ll bring it back into the workshop and machine it down to the correct size on the table saw. Then we’ll plain flat edges and sides, by hand if necessary.

Man at Auspicious Furniture sanding wood


And implement our design process…

When we’re designing a kitchen cupboard, a worktop or a unique piece of furniture, we set in motion a process that grows organically, until the latent potential of the material is released. This creative process comes from our love of the material. Some people can manipulate words into a book that will endure for centuries. We create bespoke pieces of furniture from gnarly bits of wood full of imperfections, and peppered with knots and grains, to tell a story of the tree it came from, and the desires of the customer who commissioned it. 

There are some pieces of timber that will not be satisfied with being a simple shelf, it needs to fulfil its destiny as part of a beautiful kitchen or a handsome table, like our Lava table.

Table legs upside down in Auspicious Furniture workshop


To create something beautiful…

Our Lava table began life as an unloved, unwanted set of gnarly walnut boards. It lay, awaiting its destiny, at the back of a timber warehouse. Despite its numerous imperfections, we saw its potential, and from it was created the table’s distinctive and unique form. Retaining the wavy, rustic edge and the natural features of the timber; the intricate surface lines and beautiful grains, was important to us. 

We might take a piece of burr elm with striking textures and intricate detail. From that we will create a unique worktop for our customer, with every natural imperfection revealed and preserved to create a surface that’s practical as well as beautiful.

With something as beautiful as wood, with its grains, knots, textures and imperfections. Why try to turn it into something that is unrecognizable from its original state?  When we retain the beauty of the original timber, we create a unique piece of workmanship. We pour our creative passion into every project, designing, building and shaping the wood to create something that releases its natural beauty, but also fulfills the practical criteria of the customer.

Part finished lava table at Auspicious Furniture
Finished lava table at Auspicious Furniture


For our customers

Of course, our customers are very much part of the creative process because they provide the why. We do it for the satisfaction of the customer and knowing that we have created something beautiful and unique for them.

Combining both traditional and modern methods of production with a great eye for design, we’ve been designing and building hand-made, bespoke kitchens and furniture for years. 

Our skills lie in creating beautiful and useful things. And whether it’s a simple unit, an elaborate piece of furniture or a whole kitchen, we get the satisfaction of seeing raw materials transform into usable and beautiful items of furniture.

Auspicious Furniture Kitchen

So, what can we create for you? 

nigel wilson