Larders work harder

When it comes to kitchen storage, larders are hard to beat. Impressively practical, spacious and beautiful – they are fast becoming one of the most desirable items in the kitchen. 

Hide all your kitchen paraphernalia with a lovely spacious larder

Hide all your kitchen paraphernalia with a lovely spacious larder

We might think of larders as the old-fashioned Formica-covered monstrosity where granny stored the butter and jam, but they’ve come a very long way in recent years. Not only for the amount of storage space they generate but also the opportunity they give to create a stunning feature in the kitchen. 

A wealth of storage 

A larder can be a beautiful thing – a stand-alone piece of furniture that takes pride of place, or it can blend in effortlessly with the rest of the kitchen. A made-to-measure larder can be tucked into an awkward corner that has little other use or it can be floor-to-ceiling-enormous, jam-packed with storage space. 

Storage in the kitchen is valuable. And, whereas kitchen wall units can make the room feel a little closed in, with a larder, not only is there an abundance of storage space, where you can stash dried and tinned goods, crockery and condiments in one place and in perfect order, but you’ll have no wall units cluttering up the place. And with no wall units, the light is allowed to bounce around the room, giving a wonderful feeling of space.  

A bespoke larder can house a variety of internal storage solutions; internal drawers and custom spice racks, wicker baskets for storing your root vegetables or large spaces for the microwave or other bulky appliances. You could even create another workstation within, where you can store everything you need for breakfast – the kettle, toaster, cereal and jam – and not a cluttered worktop in sight. 

Accessibility to suit you

With a larder, everything is at the right levelto suit you and the way you use your kitchen. Everyday items and lightweight groceries can be kept at eye level. Items you don’t use as often, together with heavier appliances at the bottom. The opportunities for storage are endless. And the real beauty is that it can all be swept out of sight at the close of a door.


Painted or bare wood

As well as incredibly convenient storage, a larder is also a thing of beauty in your functional kitchen. As with all of our kitchen designs, you can choose a wood finish that either stands out against the rest of the room or blends in with it. Or, a larder can be painted to harmonise with your other kitchen furniture. 

So, does the idea of beautifully organised shelves and hidden kitchen paraphernalia appeal to you? The attraction of fitting all the kitchen clutter into a stunning larder is undoubtedly becoming more popular because, quite simply, it satisfies almost every kitchen storage requirements, and will give your kitchen a wow factor to boot. 

Are you ready for a larder in your kitchen? Get in touch and we’ll design, make and fit one that is perfect for you and your home.


nigel wilson