How to get the best out of your kitchen design

When you’re considering a newly designed kitchen you can’t just sit back and let it happen. There are things you should carefully consider before you call in the experts. Spend some time asking yourself how you live in your home, how you currently use, and how you would like to use your kitchen. Be brutal about your kitchen likes and dislikes, frustrations and wishes and you’re more likely to end up with a kitchen that is perfect for you. 

Blue kitchen cabinets with embedded Ribchester sink

Blue kitchen cabinets with embedded Ribchester sink


How will you use the space? 

There is a big difference between a kitchen that’s used to prepare the odd cooked breakfast and one that strives to create culinary works of art. Do you need a functional space to flex your MasterChef muscles or a multifunctional area where you can eat and entertain? Or do you need a combination of the two? 

Who do you cook for? Just your young and extended family, or hordes of friends? Both? Or somewhere in between? Some people need to be alone to cook, and others love to entertain guests as they prepare meals. For this family, a space to be together was important, and the resulting kitchen very much reflected that preference. A layout and workflow that isn’t conducive to the way you work will frustrate you and impede the use of the kitchen. Forget the work triangle; your kitchen should work for you with zones for prepping, washing and cooking situated to your personalised preferences. 

Take a look at your existing kitchen. What works well as it is, and what can be improved? Reviewing how you currently use this room will help you see what you want to avoid and what kinds of features it should have in your new space. If you have a clear picture of how the kitchen needs to function and what it needs to include to meet your needs, then you are more likely to get the kitchen that works for you, and you won’t be changing your plans halfway through, at much frustration and cost. 


What are your kitchen ‘must haves’? 

Perhaps you long for a statement island, with huge industrial style pendants hanging above. Maybe your kitchen ‘must have’ is a huge beast of a fridge-freezer, or a Mauve double Aga? Maybe you’ve put up with all your pots and pans in one pokey little cupboard for too long and so want the luxury of mega-sized storage. The owners of this kitchen wanted something minimalist, chic and contemporary. They got what they wanted. Consider the element you must have to make it a dream kitchen. Everything else is negotiable. 


Think about the detail

The detail is what makes your dream kitchen come to life, what makes it real for you, and it’s probably the part that’s getting you rather excited. From the flooring to the worktop material, from the choice of wood for the cupboard doors to the light fixtures that illuminate the room – you will have many decisions to make.

  • Consider for example, the worktop. This is one of the most hardworking elements of any kitchen so if you do a lot of cooking, you’ll want to invest in a tough, durable surface. But for entertaining you’ll want something that gives your kitchen a luxurious finish.
  • We’ve already mentioned the island pendants but task lighting that offers plenty of illumination above cooking and preparation areas is also useful in areas where you’re preparing and cooking food. 
  • Underfloor heating is a popular choice for kitchens where tiles floor, although beautiful, can feel a little chilly on the toes. If you’re opting for underfloor heating, ensure this is planned in to be installed prior to laying the kitchen floor.
  • Not enough storage results in clutter, mess and frustration. Yet even in tiny kitchens, generous space is achievable with some careful and imaginative planning to fully maximise the space. 
Three drawers in kichen cabinet.jpg

There are plenty of other considerations too: through ‘traffic’ can become a problem in a kitchen and can impede on a working area; poor ventilation and extractionmean grease, steam and cooking smells can otherwise linger on your clothes and furniture; where will the bins go? The headaches that go with all these problems are preventable through careful planning at the initial stages.  

When it comes to their perfect kitchen, everybody has a different list of priorities, it’s a very personal choice, so it’s important to know yours from the start to ensure your kitchen is tailored to your specific needs. This will also save a lot of time and trouble when it comes to discussing your project with us.

Not only do we want you to have the kitchen of your dreams, but we also want you to get the absolute maximum from your space. Between us, by combining the careful consideration of your needs, with our experience and expertise where we will offer you a wealth of simple and innovative ideas – we can ensure your new kitchen is perfect for you. 

nigel wilson