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The Lava Table


Made for Cheltenham’s Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design in 2015, Nigel’s Lava Table began life as an unloved, unwanted set of gnarly walnut boards which lay languishing at the back of a timber warehouse. Despite numerous imperfections, Nigel saw its potential.


The design process was led by the walnut itself. Days were spent positioning boards to match grain with grain. Slowly, the form took shape and the concept of a table was borne.

Two pieces of brother and sister board were paired, leaving a central void. New pieces were cut to follow the form of the void and resin was used to meld these pieces together. The table was lit from beneath by an LED ribbon. The result was a glowing river of lava, snaking through the wood. 


Craft and Design Festival

key features

Inset LED's


Nigel Wilson
Tom Shield


Although the table quickly sold, if you would like a table of your own we will happily discuss a bespoke design.

There were no drawings. We let the wood take us
— Tom Sheild